Sports and games are as important as studies

I strongly believe that sports and games are just as important as studies because it engages kids to make them concentrate, makes kids fit and healthy and they get to work in a fun way.

Firstly, sports and games help make kids focus through fun because without fun the world would be a boring hole. Yes, I know that kids get recess and lunch but doing literacy or maths is much more fun to play it as a game instead of coping off the board. I know from personal experience last year we used to play baseball literacy and baseball maths.

Secondly, hand-eye coordination is a big part in a young kid’s life. If kids know hand-eye coordination from educational games it can improve the kids hands for when they become adults they will probably have to type fast to type something up for their boss. I know from going to my dad’s work he types really fast and I ask “how do you do that and my dad says hand-eye coordination.

Thirdly, if the kid doesn’t realise he’s learning it can make school a lot more fun for him or her because they think they are just playing games. Yes, they should be learning properly with pen on paper and not games but games will make their experience at school a lot better for themselves, their teacher and their classmates. Just imagine, a kid might have behaviour issues and if they are playing games but they don’t realise its work and they get a reward from it, it makes them feel a lot better about themselves. I know because we had a kid in our class that had behaviour issues and he would get rewarded for good work.

Fourthly, it gets the kid involved with the activities and its makes them excited about school because it’s enjoyable for the child. Because it’ll be fun and enjoyable they’ll look forward to going to school so that makes the parent happier that their child is enjoying school.

So in summary, I strongly believe that sports and games are just as important as studies because it can help the kid focus in class, hand-eye coordination really helps the child, it can help if the child doesn’t realise their working and learning can be more enjoyable through games to get them involved.

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