Mathsmate post sheet 3

Predict: I predict that this question will be a word problem because of all the words.

Read: A bookshop sold 200 books over the internet in its first year of business. Since then the sales have doubled every year. What was the bookshop’s profit in the sixth year given the yearly profit formula below.

Yearly profit=books sold x$2-$1000

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Strategies: Write an equation, Break the problem down.

What’s the BIG question? What is the bookshops yearly earnings?

Working out: I figured out if they sold 200 books and it was 6 years selling and there amount doubled each year they would get over 6 years:  6400. Then with the formula you would have to times it by 2 [$2] which would give you 12 800. Then take away 1000[$1000] which is 11 800.

Summary: My answer is $11 000 I found this problem challenging and I got confused a bit. The strategies I used helped me

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