Mathsmate term 4 sheet 5 question 22

Predict: I predict that this problem will be about weight and quantities of things.

Read: Which deal costs less per gram?

A] $5 for 500 grams

B] $3 for 250 grams

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Strategies/Mathematicians Toolbox: ‘Prior knowledge’, ‘Work it out backwards’, ‘Try a simpler problem’.

What’s the BIG question? Which costs less: A or B.

Working out: Firstly I went well if it costs $5 for 500 grams then for every $1 you get 100 grams. With B I knew that A was cheaper because for every dollar in B you get less than 100 grams for $1  but in A you get 100 grams for $1.

Summary: The answer I got was A. I used strategies to help me work it out and with the prediction I did have to use some things to do with weight and quantities but also comparing numbers and weights together.

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