Joseph Bell

Professor Joseph Bell was born on the December 2, 1837 in Edinburgh. He was a famous pioneer in forensic pathology. Bell was a fan of learning  and couldn’t get enough of information. He loved every book he read and absorbed information. He was also a famous Scottish lecturer at the medical school of the University of Edinburgh. Professor Bells child was Benjamin Bell, who later became a famous forensic surgeon. Ben Bell also took after hes father and also loved to learn. Joseph Bell became the third most influential person in forensic science He was  best known for his inspiration for the character Sherlock Holmes. Bell also was very interested in the murders of Jack the ripper. Bell analysed all of Jacks victims and came to the conclusion of who jack the ripper was. The ripper was Robert Mann. Bell was highly appreciated for this discovery. Sadly, Bell died on 4 October 1911. He was buried at the Dean Cemetery.






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