The Five Big Questions: Surfing Mr Petrovic

Earlier in the term the 5/6s where split into groups of 5 or 6 and where given a book to read in the group. Our group consisted of Tommy,Raymond,Shakira,Cindy and Myself, Alex. The book was called Surfing Mr Petrovic. This is our book review on it.

Big question #1:  what makes this story good?

This story is good because it has some very emotional and exciting parts. An emotional part in this book was when Tao’s dog, Blooch, dies. This is sad because he gets hit by a car. The funny moment is when Tao spews on his step mom.

Big question #2: what would make this story better?

I think something that would make this story better is if the chapters where longer,because the chapters are really small, and if the book had more action and excitement in it. Also if there wasn’t obtrusive language in the book because i believe that there is inappropriate language that does not belong in the book. 

Big question #3: Whats the one most important thing that the author wants you to know?

That if someone tells you to do something, doesn’t necessarily mean you have too. If someone told you to jump off a bridge, you wouldn’t do it would you? Well this is the same sort of moral for this book. Always stand up for yourself.

Big question #4: Why did the author write this?

The author wrote this book because he may of gotten himself in trouble he didn’t want to be involved in. He also may of wrote this book to show trouble makers just what happens when you take it too far.

Big question #5: what does the audience need to know to understand and enjoy the story?

Something the audience needs to know is that this book has some colorful language, funny and sad moments, angry parts and all up trouble. This book shows the true meaning of courage and standing up for yourself.


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